"The cover looks as the record sounds, bleak, hard and apocalyptic, riffs written for the worship of doom with the influence of a love of death metal. It could be said that it’s a perfect blend of death and doom."


"Moreover, the vivid, enveloping sound captured by Newman really puts you into the music rather than beside it, which makes all the difference. Added up, this record can be best described as if treacle was music: dark, viscous and fucking sweet."


interview/article with the village voice


"I don't think it has anything to do with that spectrum of positive and negative," adds Flam. "It's like an escape from reality, similar to watching a horror movie. When we play this music, it conjures certain images in my head, like being a fucking gladiator and just fucking slaying people. I don't think those images are necessarily negative."


Review from the quietus

"...what did you expect of a group that is essentially New York's Unearthly Trance plus former Electric Wizard and current Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw – positivity? A Billy Joel cover? No, you expect malevolently evil riffs and suitably grotty, impenetrable production; you expect something terrifying and that's what you get."



Review @ thebreathlesssleep.com


"Compositionally this length also symbolizes a step forward for the band, betting enriched by a formula in which we can distinguish ambient sounds perfectly conjugated with the hardness of their original sound."

"Overall, Serpentine Path is the key for those seeking a different work within the boundaries of Doom populated, and inside you will find the best of a great production with the heart beating in his worn Underground ribs ..."

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"As much as I hate the hype machine, if this first offering from Serpentine Path is anything to go off of, I’m pretty sure that the next album from these guys is going to destabilize the Earth’s orbit. At least."


"... monolithic lumbering anthems, perfectly paced and structured songs complete with their pedigree and experience already make this debut a classic."


Review @ The Heavy Metal Saloon


"...the musicians here are generally doing something more than extrapolating upon their usual activities in their main bands. The sound is unexpected for these particular gents, albeit generally well-fitted to an established heritage. Up there competing with The Slow Death and Evoken for the doom-death outing of 2012."


Review @ wormwoodchronicles.com


"This is a smothering blanket of death-tinged doom...the sound of towers falling and glaciers grinding their way towards the equator. It is doom incarnate."


Review @ mouthforwar.net


"The doom on this album is not only thick and monolithic, it’s also violent and evil. I’m not sure what these guys have planned for future releases, but if they keep this up, they are going to own the doom/death genre with ease."

Interview with rocking.gr



review @ enola.be


"The band itself is entirely built around the concept of corruption. Mischief is a slow process, think of the rot from the inside of a solid forest giant."

" This group is disgusting."

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Interview with Tim @ doomsmoker webzine