New album recording complete!

We have recently finished recording and mixing our 2nd album "Emanations".
7 songs of pure heavy morbid doomed metal:

01 Essence Of Heresy
02 House Of Worship
03 Treacherous Waters
04 Claws
05 Disfigured Colossus
06 Systematic Extinction
07 Torment

Next up is mastering and artwork!


Album #2

We have been hard at work recording our new album!! It is coming out heavy as Walter Hudson and we are excited to complete the mixing phase of it and have the recording mastered. The album is being recorded once again by SP bassist Jay Newman and it features the first appearance of our new 2nd guitarist Stephen Flam. More info soon...



Review from PowerMetal.de


"this is all the pace of a glacier...Yes, very reminiscent of the Doomlegende WINTER from the early 1990s that it came also from NEW YORK. Yes, yes. "
*Translation via google


LP Review From Repulsive Revolutions


"Poring over artwork, endlessly re-reading lyrics, imposing your own thoughts and meanings upon the songs as the sounds fill your skull... all of it is worth hunting down beautifully-presented packages like this.
Serpentine Path are one of those bands who offer a complete encompassing experience when it comes to songs, tone, words, artwork. It's albums like this that remind me of just how it should be done.
More like this please, Relapse Records."


"Buried Treasure on a Serpentine Path" from The Obelisk


"I guess if you want the short version, Serpentine Path are seriously fucking heavy and seriously grim. They don’t stray from that modus throughout these tracks, but they don’t really need to either, since the more oppressive a song gets, the more it’s doing its job. They win no matter what"


Review from Beard Rock


"Vocally, Lipynsky sounds like a homesick downtuned chainsaw on moonshine from the earth's core..."
"The hooks come slow and big; if this tune was a boxer it would be 69 mashed-up Mike Tysons sewn together and injected with benzo fury."


Review From Mass Movement


"Serpentine Path has crafted an album that I can turn to when the heaviest, slowest, nastiest thing I could think of otherwise just won’t do, and when the world feels bleak and lonely, that is a very, very good thing indeed."


Review From Sludge Factory


"... but I must give credit where it’s so obviously due. SERPENTINE PATH has at least 65 years combined experience at playing metal so it’s not surprising at all that this album is above average on its worst tracks. As previously mentioned, the vocals are very impressive despite sounding the same track to track like a lot of other aspects of the music. It does make it easy to determine whether or not you’ll love it or hate it though."


Lawless Jakarta S/T Recommendation


"...the Serpentine Path debut album is a perfect mix between doom metal with death metal, bringing back the glory of death-doom with a contemporary sound that is much more heavy."

*translation via google