"... hats off to them for creating another miserable episode in the genre’s bleak history."


 "...making it clear that throughout the 43 minutes the album lasts, you will constantly feel like sinking depeer and deeper in a pitch black hole."

"Serpentine Path is going to be leading the way and this album will be considered in the coming years as a milestone for the genre."


More translated reviews


"Pure sludge doom, limited to the raw core."

"The new Unearthly Trance? No, absolutely not, but that does not mean that the lover of one another can not appreciate."

*translation via google


"Has magical secrets that would listen to again and again to explore the unexplored region of Doom sound nasty like a snake."

*translation via google

Review from Worm Gear Zine


"...often, as musicians come out of old entanglements into new, we fans are left looking backward, hankering for what came before; so, it is refreshing that, in Serpentine Path’s case, no such nostalgic bleating need be made at all."



and more reviews...


" There is also a notable Autopsy vibe that rears its deformed head from time to time as Serpentine Path have a similar fondness to employ a barrage of muddy dissonance amidst their slow trudge through the post-apocalyptic haze."


"With some repeated hearings are detected increasingly differences to make the album even better than what was already on her first audition."

"...so this rookie "Serpentine Path" is not only a great treat coming directly out of darkness, as it has everything in place to present a successor even more brutal and monstrous."
 * Translations via google


" An enormous wall of string sounds swell from the underworld, while on coffins and cemetery sign stamped with the bones of the dead with a vengeance. Death itself seems to gurgle in the micro."
* Translation via google



review @ bbc


"If there's one group who should be able to get doom metal right, it has to be this terrifying new act."



"The cover looks as the record sounds, bleak, hard and apocalyptic, riffs written for the worship of doom with the influence of a love of death metal. It could be said that it’s a perfect blend of death and doom."


"Moreover, the vivid, enveloping sound captured by Newman really puts you into the music rather than beside it, which makes all the difference. Added up, this record can be best described as if treacle was music: dark, viscous and fucking sweet."


interview/article with the village voice


"I don't think it has anything to do with that spectrum of positive and negative," adds Flam. "It's like an escape from reality, similar to watching a horror movie. When we play this music, it conjures certain images in my head, like being a fucking gladiator and just fucking slaying people. I don't think those images are necessarily negative."


Review from the quietus

"...what did you expect of a group that is essentially New York's Unearthly Trance plus former Electric Wizard and current Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw – positivity? A Billy Joel cover? No, you expect malevolently evil riffs and suitably grotty, impenetrable production; you expect something terrifying and that's what you get."



Review @ thebreathlesssleep.com


"Compositionally this length also symbolizes a step forward for the band, betting enriched by a formula in which we can distinguish ambient sounds perfectly conjugated with the hardness of their original sound."

"Overall, Serpentine Path is the key for those seeking a different work within the boundaries of Doom populated, and inside you will find the best of a great production with the heart beating in his worn Underground ribs ..."

*Translation via google




"As much as I hate the hype machine, if this first offering from Serpentine Path is anything to go off of, I’m pretty sure that the next album from these guys is going to destabilize the Earth’s orbit. At least."


"... monolithic lumbering anthems, perfectly paced and structured songs complete with their pedigree and experience already make this debut a classic."


Review @ The Heavy Metal Saloon


"...the musicians here are generally doing something more than extrapolating upon their usual activities in their main bands. The sound is unexpected for these particular gents, albeit generally well-fitted to an established heritage. Up there competing with The Slow Death and Evoken for the doom-death outing of 2012."


Review @ wormwoodchronicles.com


"This is a smothering blanket of death-tinged doom...the sound of towers falling and glaciers grinding their way towards the equator. It is doom incarnate."


Review @ mouthforwar.net


"The doom on this album is not only thick and monolithic, it’s also violent and evil. I’m not sure what these guys have planned for future releases, but if they keep this up, they are going to own the doom/death genre with ease."

Interview with rocking.gr



review @ enola.be


"The band itself is entirely built around the concept of corruption. Mischief is a slow process, think of the rot from the inside of a solid forest giant."

" This group is disgusting."

*translations via google

Interview with Tim @ doomsmoker webzine



More reviews!


"...a powerful statement of doom metal misanthropy delivered with the fatal acumen of four veterans of the genre."


[translated quote]
"The debut of Serpentine Path is the culmination four veterans, almost cult heroes, which, although it does not offer anything new or subversive, manages and flattens everything in its path and raises serious candidate for doom album of the year. "


Serpentine Path Interview on Relapse Podcast 0023


Review from dailydischord.com


"This is so god damn heavy it nearly picked me up and threw me across the room! It is so painfully slow and grinding that it makes My Dying Bride sound positively speedy and upbeat."

"Doom Metal with a death metal flavour done really well so if that sounds like your thing then this is a must – buy for you. Run, or rather crawl really slowly, along and get it now!"


S/T on bandcamp


Live Debut October 27th, 2012 @ Saint Vitus Bar


"SERPENTINE PATH have another major announcement today and would like to officially welcome Stephen Flam (WINTER) as the band's second guitarist! Flam will join the band for the first time as they take the stage for their debut live performance on October 27th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY. The show will feature the band playing alongside labelmates Tombs and 16."



Serpentine Path on itunes!


Interview with Violence Magazine [Poland]


Interview is in Polish, the english version is below:

You called it quits for Unearthly Trance some time ago. When you made up your mind about that was Serpetnine Path already alive?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes we started Serpentine Path at the same time Unearthly Trance was still going. The demise of UT was completely separate from Serpentine Path. UT was around for 12 years and we decided it was time to call a day. I personally would rather go out on a good note than slowly fade away. I’m very proud of all our records and all of our accomplishments. Serpentine Path is a totally different beast and a clean slate for all of us.

Serpentine Path is all three of you involved previously in UT. How did an Englishman came to a view?

Ryan Lipynsky: Well, we have known Tim for quite some time now. We first met him when UT toured with Electric Wizard and Sons Of Otis back in 2002 in the US. Since that point we also toured 3 times with Ramesses in Europe so we knew each quite well by now. Recently, Tim moved to New Jersey in a town right outside NYC permanently and we thought it was a good idea to have a jam. From there it grew into Serpentine Path and things have just expanded from there… Last year we did a 7” on Parasitic and then recorded the S/T album on Relapse this year.

Tim was a member of Electric Wizard for about 10 years. Do you think they made huge impact on the scene with records like "Dopethrone" or "Come my fanatics"?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes! I think “Dopethrone” is a great record. I personally think some of the songs on that album are total classics and many newer bands wish they could be them, but they will never come close. They had this raw, we-don’t-give-a-fuck vibe that emanated from them when they played on that last US tour we did with them. Insanely loud and intoxicated power trio. Basically, they were a band that was about to fall apart or play the best show of their lives in that era. You never knew what you would get from them…And it was exciting!

Would you say SP has a possible future or it is rather a one-off? How much determined are you to make a name for this band?

Ryan Lipynsky: We absolutely have a future. We plan on doing more recordings for sure. Serpentine Path is definitely NOT a one-off. I don’t concern myself with making a name, I just want to keep on making quality music that I enjoy myself. What will happen- will happen. We will do things at our own pace and keep building and expanding upon the ideas we have already put forth.

Your debut album offers some of the most pummeling and crushing music you ever recorded (it reminds me a little bit of Corrupted sound). Do you think it's the most brutal thing you ever done?

Ryan Lipynsky: I never thought of it but I can hear what you are saying about he Corrupted comparison. Not a band I listen to that much, but it is cool to read what others hear in our sound. I certainly set out to do the most brutal and uncompromising vocals, so mission accomplished! It is important for me to make each band I do, different in one way from the other. Serpentine Path focuses on the more brutal and savage side of doom metal.

UT was pretty doomy but SP is so much more doomier. Any specific records inspired you to starting writing such a heavy material?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes. Tim Bagshaw inspired us to create this super heavy doom. He comes up with some of the best doom riffs and there was only one natural direction to go in. With Unearthly Trance, I actually spent most of our career trying to NOT be just a doom band. We always were up for experimenting with different textures, tempos, vocals and influences. We were most proud of the fact that we were not predictable and dare I say, a forward thinking fearless band.

You have recently announced Winter member as your touring guitarist. Is it intimidating to play along a guy who recorded such a milestone album as "Into darkness"?

Ryan Lipynsky: Stephen has joined us full time and will contribute music as well in the future. I think at first it seemed almost impossible to be real, as Winter is one of the bands that influenced me to play this kind of extreme doom when I was younger. Especially being from the Long Island, NY area. But once I met him I realized he is one of the most down-to-earth coolest guys I’ve met, let alone being the guy from Winter! I think his experience and point of view will only add to the overall sound and vibe SP will have moving forward. It’s a great honor to have him in the band. We are all really excited for this development. I can say that Tim and Stephen sound deadly together playing guitars!

Beside SP you continue with The Howling Wind and only few months ago you released the latest record. Is it a touring band? What of your needs does this band satisfy?

Ryan Lipynsky: The Howling Wind is a band that Tim Call and I have done for a while and it’s a really personal project. I play all the guitars and bass and do the vocals along with Tim. For me, its important to continue on playing this form of metal that I’ve done since Thralldom, the blackened metal band I did before THW. I really enjoy doing these records and not playing live as its something that I feel I can lose myself in. THW is its own separate universe musically from all the other bands I do and have done. We already have new songs written and plan to keep on creating musick for quite a while. “Of Babalon” is one of my favorite records I’ve ever done!


Review from popmatters


"Serpentine Path reeks of seasoned musicians who know exactly where they want to take their sound, and more importantly, have the hard-earned grit to accomplish it."


Review from lambgoat


"Nothing really compares to the balls to the wall heaviness that these four practitioners of the metallic arts produce. It is a near perfect blend of crushingly heavy music, a few cryptic samples and a dark vision that leaves almost nothing to be desired. If you could buy one death/doom record this year I wouldn't recommend passing on Serpentine Path's self-titled debut."


More reviews...


"This is the ancient stuff, culled from the dark grimoire, meant to push those lurking fears forward in a slow lurch of freakish horror."


"For those who relish ugly, nightmarish and merciless doom, Serpentine Path is a welcome sonic ritual of demise — kind of like being buried neck-deep in the beach sand for 45 minutes and watching the tide come in."


"Their no-frills approach to doom is dark and incredibly heavy, but deliciously uncompromising."

Steel for Brains Interview with Jay


The Sleeping Shaman reviews S/T


"Frankly, this record isn’t just very good. It’s brilliant. Tim Bagshaw (currently the main songwriter) is arguably writing his best music since his days in The Wizard, with Newman, Verni and Lipynsky pushing their exceptional talents to the limit – the loss of Unearthly Trance was a sad one, but with a bastard son as powerful as “The Serpentine Path”, the mourning period can most definitely be curtailed"




"“Beyond the Dawn of Time” is about as merciful as the vacuum of space and just as likely to pop your eyeballs with the sheer pressure."


"Serpentine Path's music is not targeted at listeners looking for a good time, but rather those seeking good company with which to delve into and expunge the strong negative emotions they share. As with most extreme death/doom albums verging on the funereal, this one requires a little patience, but the payoff is well worth it."

S/T streaming via metalsucks


streaming backwards [?]


More reviews...

"This record is a seriously awesome slab of vicious doom metal that should scare the shit out of most bands in metal."

"Serpentine Path raise the bar on how a doom metal band should sound, this album shakes the ground…violently."

"...Just imagine if Bolt Thrower had slowed down and decided to play some gnarly doom tunes..."


Stephen Flam of WINTER joins Serpentine Path!


"SERPENTINE PATH have another major announcement today and would like to officially welcome Stephen Flam (WINTER) as the band's second guitarist! Flam will join the band for the first time as they take the stage for their debut live performance on October 27th at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY. The show will feature the band playing alongside labelmates Tombs and 16."

Debut Live Show announced as well:
October 27 2012 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar (w/ Tombs & 16)

"Obsoletion" now streaming @ Decibel!



Review from wheelingrampage.com


"...leads right into the epicosity of the doom metal. I like the more brutal vocals for doom bands, ... The death metal doom style is quite enjoyable."

"I recommend this album if you like death-infused doom metal..."


Pitchfork Review


"... Serpentine Path, on the other hand, burrow deep into their chosen niche, nourishing themseves on the soil and growing to hulking size. Lipynsky, Bagshaw, Newman, and Verni make their cramped hovel feel like a universe unto itself."

Serpentine Path Feature in Decibel Magazine



Review from metalasfuck.net


"...Eight songs of wretched, sludgy doom metal. "

"...All you need to know is that Serpentine Path is a great album, from a band that will hopefully be around for some time to come."

Review from metalifestyle.com


"Layers upon layers of noise accompany the plodding, down tuned riffs. The howling, scratchy vocals are entirely indecipherable, and the percussion crashes about thunderously as evil, putrid atmosphere drips onto absolutely everything."

"...this is an album meant to be considered as a full sum of its parts. And that is a mighty weighty sum indeed."



Review of "Serpentine Path" from themusic.com.au


"...this self-titled banger is going to make Serpentine Path a major part of the conversation regarding modern doom metal."


S/T Review From americanaftermath.ne

Review takes the band's music and compares it to happenings in the 1990 film adaptation of Lord of the Flies!


"...This band has completely obliterated my senses and I cannot get enough."





"This is wretched death doom done by the book. The coarse melancholy and despondency breed to create a harrowing tale of eventual misanthropy...."



S/T now available for pre-order


"With a pedigree that boasts all three members of New York’s cult doom band Unearthly Trance PLUS founding Electric Wizard and Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw, Serpentine Path’s debut self-titled album should immediately top any doom-metal fan’s want-list. Sounding like way more than just a sum of its parts, Serpentine Path’s debut is an absolutely crushing album which both references and reinterprets its members’ previous bands but with a decidedly more punishing death-metal approach. Vicious vocals combine with downtuned guitars that rip out punishingly killer riffs to create an overall evil vibe that’s equal parts Paranoid and Severed Survival---Serpentine Path is way more than just a super group of underground icons, they are one of the best new death/doom outfits to emerge in many years."


Serpentine Path 7" on bandcamp

The two songs from our debut 7" are now available digitally via bandcamp:


SERPENTINE PATH: Sign To Relapse Records


"Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of NYC doom-dwellers SERPENTINE PATH (Tim Bagshaw - Guitars, Jay Newman - Bass, Darren Verni - Drums, Ryan Lipynsky - Vocals). A true pedigree of the doom underworld, SERPENTINE PATH consists of current and former members of ELECTRIC WIZARD, RAMESSES, & UNEARTHLY TRANCE.

 The band initially released their debut 7” Erebus, earlier this year via Parasitic Records and recently wrapped up recording their self-titled full-length debut, set for a fall 2012 release via Relapse. The album was recorded and mixed by bassist Jay Newman at The Humanless Compound in NYC. Serpentine Path commented on the signing:“Serpentine Path is honored to announce that our debut album will be released by Relapse Records! The four of us aim for nothing but the most uncompromising and intense death/doom metal songs we can possibly create.”

Updated SERPENTINE PATH news / album information will be made available at the Relapse Records website and the SERPENTINE PATH Facebook page. "a mammoth testament to how doom can be used as a instrument of hate against the dumb, deaf and blind." - Cvlt Nation "Absolutely wipes the floor with just about any band trying to sound dark and heavy of late – a lesson in darkness and riffs" - The Sleeping Shaman"


Recording Update

The vocals were recorded today and that now completes 95% of all the tracking for our debut album! Next up: the mixing phase. After that the album will be mastered by Collin Jordan @ Boiler Room.



Serpentine Path album recording has commenced!

Here are some photos from this weekend recording drums in NYC for our first full length album. The recording is being handled by Serpentine Path bassist Jay Newman with help from our good friend Arthur... We hope to have some news soon to announce the release plans for this mammoth beast we are creating!


7" distribution / debut album recording

Besides Parasitic Records, Iron Bonehead from Germany has the SP 7" for people across the Atlantic. All Thats Heavy currently also has some copies available as well. Serpentine Path is also planning to head into the studio this month to record our debut full-length album! The material is turning out massive and intense. More news soon...


7" out now on Parasitic Records


Side A - Erebus | Side B - Depravity

"Crushing debut 7" from a new entity consisting of UNEARTHLY TRANCE and RAMESSES members.Heavy and primal doom/death! 500 copies, black wax."

Out now on Parasitic Records:

Audio Link:


Serpentine Path:

Tim - Guitars | Jay - Bass | Darren - Drums | Ryan - Vocals