"... hats off to them for creating another miserable episode in the genre’s bleak history."


 "...making it clear that throughout the 43 minutes the album lasts, you will constantly feel like sinking depeer and deeper in a pitch black hole."

"Serpentine Path is going to be leading the way and this album will be considered in the coming years as a milestone for the genre."


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"Pure sludge doom, limited to the raw core."

"The new Unearthly Trance? No, absolutely not, but that does not mean that the lover of one another can not appreciate."

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"Has magical secrets that would listen to again and again to explore the unexplored region of Doom sound nasty like a snake."

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Review from Worm Gear Zine


"...often, as musicians come out of old entanglements into new, we fans are left looking backward, hankering for what came before; so, it is refreshing that, in Serpentine Path’s case, no such nostalgic bleating need be made at all."



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" There is also a notable Autopsy vibe that rears its deformed head from time to time as Serpentine Path have a similar fondness to employ a barrage of muddy dissonance amidst their slow trudge through the post-apocalyptic haze."


"With some repeated hearings are detected increasingly differences to make the album even better than what was already on her first audition."

"...so this rookie "Serpentine Path" is not only a great treat coming directly out of darkness, as it has everything in place to present a successor even more brutal and monstrous."
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" An enormous wall of string sounds swell from the underworld, while on coffins and cemetery sign stamped with the bones of the dead with a vengeance. Death itself seems to gurgle in the micro."
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review @ bbc


"If there's one group who should be able to get doom metal right, it has to be this terrifying new act."