Review from doom metal heaven


"Serpentine Path demonstrate those timeless staples of heavy metal – immense riffs and overflowing energy, bordering on uncontrolled rage."


Review From Absolute Zero Media


"Can there be something such as primitive Doom/Death as if there is Serpentine Path are the masters of the genre."
"...the next master of a doom style here that is in love with the darker and more sludge side of the sound."


Review from WeLoveMetal.com


"... it thrills me to proclaim Emanations as disgusting and disastrous, nothing short of what I hoped for."



Review From Whiskey Soda


"... steel, concrete and brick slowly crush until there is no longer as a gigantic rubble pile in the middle of the middle of North American civilization. And then she will move on, the beast has become violence of sound from my headphones - at least in my imagination..."

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Review from Ave Noctum


 "At times it almost genuinely feels like an old school death metal album, but drawn out and drenched in thick sludgy tones, which for me makes this one of the more unique offerings I have come across in the doom scene for a long time, and is certainly a breath of fresh air from the run of the mill 70′s vibe that practically every other band that call themselves doom..."

Review from metal.de


"...listening to the disc, the mood of New York has in the meantime not just improved force: what sound because the pit is nasty, dark and devastating than ever."

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Review from HeavyMetal.About.com


"Emanations is physical sludge/doom bent on putting you in the ground through pure sonic violence. Prepare for your doom."