Interview with Violence Magazine [Poland]


Interview is in Polish, the english version is below:

You called it quits for Unearthly Trance some time ago. When you made up your mind about that was Serpetnine Path already alive?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes we started Serpentine Path at the same time Unearthly Trance was still going. The demise of UT was completely separate from Serpentine Path. UT was around for 12 years and we decided it was time to call a day. I personally would rather go out on a good note than slowly fade away. I’m very proud of all our records and all of our accomplishments. Serpentine Path is a totally different beast and a clean slate for all of us.

Serpentine Path is all three of you involved previously in UT. How did an Englishman came to a view?

Ryan Lipynsky: Well, we have known Tim for quite some time now. We first met him when UT toured with Electric Wizard and Sons Of Otis back in 2002 in the US. Since that point we also toured 3 times with Ramesses in Europe so we knew each quite well by now. Recently, Tim moved to New Jersey in a town right outside NYC permanently and we thought it was a good idea to have a jam. From there it grew into Serpentine Path and things have just expanded from there… Last year we did a 7” on Parasitic and then recorded the S/T album on Relapse this year.

Tim was a member of Electric Wizard for about 10 years. Do you think they made huge impact on the scene with records like "Dopethrone" or "Come my fanatics"?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes! I think “Dopethrone” is a great record. I personally think some of the songs on that album are total classics and many newer bands wish they could be them, but they will never come close. They had this raw, we-don’t-give-a-fuck vibe that emanated from them when they played on that last US tour we did with them. Insanely loud and intoxicated power trio. Basically, they were a band that was about to fall apart or play the best show of their lives in that era. You never knew what you would get from them…And it was exciting!

Would you say SP has a possible future or it is rather a one-off? How much determined are you to make a name for this band?

Ryan Lipynsky: We absolutely have a future. We plan on doing more recordings for sure. Serpentine Path is definitely NOT a one-off. I don’t concern myself with making a name, I just want to keep on making quality music that I enjoy myself. What will happen- will happen. We will do things at our own pace and keep building and expanding upon the ideas we have already put forth.

Your debut album offers some of the most pummeling and crushing music you ever recorded (it reminds me a little bit of Corrupted sound). Do you think it's the most brutal thing you ever done?

Ryan Lipynsky: I never thought of it but I can hear what you are saying about he Corrupted comparison. Not a band I listen to that much, but it is cool to read what others hear in our sound. I certainly set out to do the most brutal and uncompromising vocals, so mission accomplished! It is important for me to make each band I do, different in one way from the other. Serpentine Path focuses on the more brutal and savage side of doom metal.

UT was pretty doomy but SP is so much more doomier. Any specific records inspired you to starting writing such a heavy material?

Ryan Lipynsky: Yes. Tim Bagshaw inspired us to create this super heavy doom. He comes up with some of the best doom riffs and there was only one natural direction to go in. With Unearthly Trance, I actually spent most of our career trying to NOT be just a doom band. We always were up for experimenting with different textures, tempos, vocals and influences. We were most proud of the fact that we were not predictable and dare I say, a forward thinking fearless band.

You have recently announced Winter member as your touring guitarist. Is it intimidating to play along a guy who recorded such a milestone album as "Into darkness"?

Ryan Lipynsky: Stephen has joined us full time and will contribute music as well in the future. I think at first it seemed almost impossible to be real, as Winter is one of the bands that influenced me to play this kind of extreme doom when I was younger. Especially being from the Long Island, NY area. But once I met him I realized he is one of the most down-to-earth coolest guys I’ve met, let alone being the guy from Winter! I think his experience and point of view will only add to the overall sound and vibe SP will have moving forward. It’s a great honor to have him in the band. We are all really excited for this development. I can say that Tim and Stephen sound deadly together playing guitars!

Beside SP you continue with The Howling Wind and only few months ago you released the latest record. Is it a touring band? What of your needs does this band satisfy?

Ryan Lipynsky: The Howling Wind is a band that Tim Call and I have done for a while and it’s a really personal project. I play all the guitars and bass and do the vocals along with Tim. For me, its important to continue on playing this form of metal that I’ve done since Thralldom, the blackened metal band I did before THW. I really enjoy doing these records and not playing live as its something that I feel I can lose myself in. THW is its own separate universe musically from all the other bands I do and have done. We already have new songs written and plan to keep on creating musick for quite a while. “Of Babalon” is one of my favorite records I’ve ever done!